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Introducing The AquaSonic Wave® Home Jewelry Cleaning System that gives you the power to clean your jewelry in the comfort of your own home with professional results! More importantly, you now have the ability to sanitize your jewelry quickly and all at once, keeping your family safe and healthy by removing the harmful bacteria that builds up on your rings, bracelets, and earrings from every day wear.

Introducing The AquaSonic Wave®

Watch as the AquaSonic Wave Inventor, jewelry expert and GIA Graduate Gemologist, David Bellman demonstrates how easy it is to use the AquaSonic Wave. Not only that, but He will also show the bacteria level of a diamond engagement ring before and after cleaning it in the Wave.

To make things a bit more interesting, he will clean several items of jewelry in three other AquaSonic Waves at the same time valued at over $1 million dollars!

Are We Doing Enough to Keep Our Families Safe?

Would you wear the same shirt every day for a year without washing it? How about the same dress, the same socks or maybe even the same undergarments without laundering them once? Of course not! Imagine how much dirt and bacteria there would be after a year of continuous wear. Not to mention, you'd smell! And yet we wear our rings, necklaces, and bracelets day after day for months, sometimes years, without cleaning them. We don't think twice about the dirt and bacteria that lives in our jewelry, contaminating everything that we touch. When was the last time your prepared raw chicken, washed your hands and thought you removed all the Salmonella bacteria. It’s a fact, your jewelry is a safe haven for bacteria.

My name is David Bellman and I'm a Graduate Gemologist. For the last 35 years, I have seen some of the dirtiest jewelry brought into my store for servicing. Each and every time I see this, I would think to myself, "Why would you invest thousands of dollars to purchase fine jewelry and wear it all the time without cleaning it, EVER?" I think there are several reasons, but here are the two most interesting. The first is conditioning. Our grandparents never cleaned their jewelry; our parents never did, so why would we be any different? Second, even if we wanted to professionally clean our jewelry at home, there was nothing available that would do the trick.

It was my quest to design and manufacture a home jewelry cleaning system that could professionally clean your fine jewelry at home and simultaneously remove 99% of the bacteria hiding under gemstones and in-between prongs .

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