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AquaSonic Wave® Gets Rave Reviews

Reviews, endorsements, and testimonials are so important today. It’s always best to hear from actual customers and get their honest opinions about products. So, we have included a few of the many comments we have received from reviews on Facebook, Brookstone’s Website, Emails, and Amazon. We welcome your feedback! Please tell us about your first experience using the Wave and we will add it to our growing list of satisfied customers.

“I have always wanted the PERFECT CLEANER to make my beautiful diamond even more beautiful. My husband found the most amazing Diamond Cleaner at Brookstone’s. I never thought it would work as it is put inside a carrier in the dishwasher. I thought my husband absolutely didn’t find the right, perfect cleaner. I followed the directions explaining how to get my Diamond Ring PERFECT….Never thinking my husband knew what he was doing to get my ring so perfect.

After I followed the directions, explaining how to get my ring so shiny, I couldn’t believe my ring came out even cleaner than it did having it professionally cleaned at a fine jewelry store. My ring came out more beautiful than when it is cleaned professionally at one of the outstanding jewelers at the Mall. I couldn’t believe how it shined after the AquaSonic Wave® cleaned my ring. My ring has never looked so beautiful at any of the fine Jewelry Stores… I Will never have my rings cleaned any place else. Most Amazing Diamond Ring Cleaner anywhere. TRY IT, YOU WILL LOVE IT…I DO.

— By Ellen from Boston, MA

“This is a great product! I leave it under my sink, right next to my dish detergent. Almost every time I run the dishwasher, I add my AquaSonic Wave® with whatever jewelry I happen to have on. No effort on my part and my jewelry comes out sparkling like it is new again and sanitized. I feel good knowing all the germs that get on my rings while preparing dinner get washed away with my AquaSonic Wave® in the dishwasher.”

— By Maureen from Salem, NH

Having the ability to get my jewelry as clean as leaving the jewelers at home is the best. Not only does my jewelry sparkle again, it has been sanitized. It's simple to use and requires no extra time or work, like scrubbing with a little brush. My jewelry goes in dirty with my dishes and comes out clean. I never would have thought cleaning my jewelry could be so easy."

— By Hillary from Hillsboro, NH

"I was initially a little frightened to put my expensive jewelry in with my dishes, but that went away after the first use. My diamonds came out amazing! Just like they were cleaned at the jewelers. Also my gold bracelet actually felt squeaky clean. I'm a clean freak, so I love that!"

— By Heather from Nashua, NH

"It never dawned on me that bacteria was actually growing on my jewelry! Not only did the AquaSonic Wave® do an amazing job of making my jewelry look new again it gave me peace of mind that I'm not wearing and spreading germs. I also like that I can clean all of my jewelry at the same time, I just run my dishwasher at night and wake up to perfectly clean jewelry."

— By Dana from Goffstown, NH

"I just received my AquaSonic Wave® and it has completely changed my jewelry cleaning experience. I can get professional results right at home. My jewelry looks steamed and brand new when it comes out of the dishwasher way better than the old sonic cleaner which took more time to clean and looked just okay. I feel a lot better knowing that my rings are sanitized and I'm not carrying harmful bacteria on my hands anymore Now I don't have to wait and my jewelry is always looking great. Awesome product I recommend it to all my friends and family."

— By J from NH

"Bought this because it is only cleaner that actually kills germs. I am on medications that suppress my immune system so i need a cleaner that actually sterilizes my jewelry, not just clean the surface. If you really want to clean and disinfect your jewelry, this is the only one that can do it."

— By Beachlife from Naples, FL

"I love your product. Keeps my jewelry looking like new and healthy."

— Thank You, Rose