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Anti-Bacterial Hydro-Gel Program

Join The Revolution!

Sign up Today to Activate your Five Year Limited Warranty and receive a Free One-Month Supply of Hydro-Gel. Your AquaSonic Waves’ five-year warranty protects you against manufacturer defects and will be repaired or replaced within two weeks of the determination of the defect by the manufacturer.

We Want You to Join the Jewelry Hygiene Revolution. Join Today and receive a free 6 week Supply of Hydro-Gel. Let’s advocate for clean. safe, and bacteria free jewelry. Start today by registering your AquaSonic Wave and then signup for your quarterly shipment of Anti-Bacterial Hydro-Gel.

Now is the time to eliminate the dangerous bacteria that lurks within unsanitary jewelry. As a member of this revolution, you are commenting to take responsibility for cleaning your jewelry just like you do for your kitchen, your clothes and your body.

The Benefits of Cleaning Your Jewelry in the AquaSonic Wave

  1. Professional Cleaning Results.
  2. Reduces Food Contamination at Home. Stop Spreading Harmful Bacteria to Those Around You.
  3. Reduces the Spread of Virus like Colds and Flu’s.
  4. Reduces the rate of infections.

Sign-Up Today for Our Automatic Hydro-Gel Refill Program!

Every month you will automatically receive your supply of Anti-Bacterial Hydro- Gel shipped directly to your home for only $5.00. It’s Easy to enroll, simply fill in your credit card information below. Cancel at any time without paying any penalties or fees.

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