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Before and After

AquaSonic Wave Features

1. Surgical Grade Stainless Steel

Our patented mesh design defuses the water and steam in the dishwasher, into a fine spray that gently cleans your jewelry.

2. Jewelry Support Bar

Each bar has the capacity to hold three rings or hoop earring sets. Included in each bar are 3 holes in which stud earrings can be attached.

3. Secure Locking Mechanism

Our patented locking mechanism secures the complete front cover of the AquaSonic Wave.

4. Large Jewelry Bay

Use the Jewelry Bay to place necklaces, bracelets and pendants. Items will remain in place during the cleaning process.

Applying Hydro-gel to the Wave

Harness the Power of Your Dishwasher

Will the steam, hot water and dishwasher soap harm my jewelry?

No, it’s impossible. Jewelers use the same elements to clean jewelry only with more powerful machines.

What if my jewelry falls out and goes down the drain?

It won’t, it’s impossible. The AquaSonic Wave has been used over 50,000,000 times without a loss.

What if I’m the first person to have their jewelry damaged or lost?

Fair question. The AquaSonic Wave comes with $1,000,000 loss or damage insurance policy. If something did happen, your jewelry is covered up to $1 million.

How often can I clean my jewelry in the dishwasher?

Every day if you’d like but we recommend cleaning your jewelry at least once a week.

AquaSonic Wave Packaging