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Even though most of us are very diligent about keeping our hands clean by washing more frequently and using hand-sanitizers, this does little to help reduce the level of bacteria on jewelry. In fact, the water and soap actually builds up as a bio-film on the jewelry, creating a breeding ground for continued growth and spread of bacteria and viruses.

What Can and Can't be Cleaned in The AquaSonic Wave®

Over 95% of all fine gold, silver, diamond and gemstone jewelry can be safely cleaned in the AquaSonic Wave®. Click here to see a complete listing of jewelry than can and cannot be used in the Wave. If you happen to have an item that is not listed, please call our support team at 800-321-4447.

Using Your AquaSonic Wave®

Figure 1First, slide the locking mechanism to the left to unlock the cover and open it completely so that the top lies flat. (See fig. 1) As the cover opens fully you will notice that the two center arms lift slightly to allow you to place rings and earrings.

Figure 2Each arm has the capacity to hold three rings separated by the dividers located on top of the arm. (See fig. 2A) This allows room to hold up to 6 rings at the same time. Hoop earrings may also be placed in the dividers; you will also see 6 holes designated for stud earrings. (See fig. 2B)

Figure 3For rings just place each ring between the dividers, for hoop earrings simply lock the clasp on the hoop and place one earring in between each divider. (See fig. 3A) For studs, remove the earring back, place it through the hole and secure the earring from behind. For best cleaning results, attach the stud facing down. (See fig. 3B).

Figure 4The bottom area is open to hold bracelets, chains or any items too large it fit on the arms. Use the two wide posts as anchors to help keep items separated. You can stack 3 or 4 items in this area as shown. (See fig. 4) Once loaded, rotate the cover back over the base and slide the lock to the right until you hear an audible click sound. This will indicate the lock is secure.

    Adding the Anti-Bacterial Hydro-Gel

    1. Take one of the single use packets provided with your AquaSonic Wave®, tear open along the top of the packet exposing the funnel shape imprinted in the foil. Next, gently squeeze out a stream of Hydro-Gel into and along the curved channel located on the top of the AquaSonic Wave,  As the dishwasher runs, hydro-gel mixes with the water and to remove bacteria and versus from your jewelry.
    2. Our research has shown that bacteria loads reach a dangerous level within one week of daily wear. Therefore, we recommend that you clean your jewelry in your AquaSonic Wave® at least once every one week.
    3. Now place the AquaSonic Wave in the top rack of your dishwasher, and set your dishwasher to the same setting you would normally use when you clean your dishes. Please Do Not select a lower wash cycle because your including your jewelry, this will only reduce the cleaning effect.
    4. Use the normal wash cycle or higher for best results. After the wash cycle is done and your machine is completely finished, take out your AquaSonic Wave®, open it by using the same procedure when inserting your jewelry, and remove your jewelry.